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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Orlando is home of the HO. Not really! I just like to call it that to amuse myself and others as I visit this cosmopolitan home of Mickey and Minnie once a month to file my "Daily Buzz" reports on the latest in fashion and style. Today, I reported on this seasons best outerwear trends for under $200.00 .......brrrrr...because I am so cold. Cold and in Florida wearing a Calvin Klein black rex fur coat with my Nike Shox. Love the Shoxs. These are special Latin American Shox that I purchased in the Multi-Plaza in San Jose, Costa Rica. They are purple and silver, a far cry from the red shoes Minnie wears. This brings me to my next segment, "Red is the new Black." Not really, but in terms of accessories and accents, red is "Super Chic" as the French would say and "Uber Chic" as the Germans would say. The bloody Brits love this place called OrlandHo. To illustrate, I just got hit in the face by a stuffed Shamu flying through the air thrown by a little British bloke with an Manchester United jersey on. Go Man United..... My favorite football club... and thanks to Jamie for taking me to the match. So sorry the they lost Beck's to Real Madrid. Red is the color of Manchester United's jersey.


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