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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Fresh Breath = KR

This entry is more of a public service announcement to all especially seeing that in less than a week we are gearing up for that all important "holiday season" and then that final New Year's Eve Kiss. So......

I went to a party last night in SOHO...I won't say where but it was a good friend and good party. Point is, there were a few too many people there with bad breath. No reflection on my friend what so ever. The three victims I came in close contact with were men, two European but living in the States and one from Northern Africa.

Please make sure your brush twice a day, floss( I just used my Reach access flosser which I got in a gift bag at fashion week a year ago and have been in love with it ever since, and bought them my entire family last year for Stocking Stuffers) and see a dentist at least once a year! That's all you have to do. EASY! Then it will be so much more enjoyable to speak with you at a party!!!!!! And I might even want to give you my card! Also, I just got an idea to put a tip in for my New Year's Segment ( which I hope you all watch) on be KR -- which means be KISS READY at the stroke of midnight FRESH BREATH and all.


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