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Thursday, November 16, 2006

I like your "JEANSMAKER"

Does any one have a favorite "JEANSMAKER" they would like to recommend? I have been on the prowl for new jeans and want something new, exciting yet edgy and of course to perform miracles. Last year for me it was People's Liberation. I acquired 4 pairs in one year, prior to that is was James, and then the jean that started it all for me was Paper Denim and Cloth. My favorite "JEANSMAKER" to paraphrase Liana paraphrasing her soon to be mother-in-law is Paper Denim. But they don't make the 2 Mod 07 Fades anymore and if they do, they are not the same. However, as I wore them out with my Jeff Spicolli Vans, my white Karl Lagerfeld for H&M Tuxedo shirt, the black fur to meet EVE, my media booker, I realized these jeans are far to obscene. Why???? How can a pair of "JEANSMAKERS" be obscene? Well....these jeans have holes in all the right spots......Sorry to say they have to be retired even after numerous attempts to repair them. Why...because men on the subway were telling me as I looked down at myself to check if I was exposing to much, "don't worry you look good" as they starred right at my sorbet colored pink lacy boy shorts.

Fresh Breath = KR

This entry is more of a public service announcement to all especially seeing that in less than a week we are gearing up for that all important "holiday season" and then that final New Year's Eve Kiss. So......

I went to a party last night in SOHO...I won't say where but it was a good friend and good party. Point is, there were a few too many people there with bad breath. No reflection on my friend what so ever. The three victims I came in close contact with were men, two European but living in the States and one from Northern Africa.

Please make sure your brush twice a day, floss( I just used my Reach access flosser which I got in a gift bag at fashion week a year ago and have been in love with it ever since, and bought them my entire family last year for Stocking Stuffers) and see a dentist at least once a year! That's all you have to do. EASY! Then it will be so much more enjoyable to speak with you at a party!!!!!! And I might even want to give you my card! Also, I just got an idea to put a tip in for my New Year's Segment ( which I hope you all watch) on be KR -- which means be KISS READY at the stroke of midnight FRESH BREATH and all.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My Tinsley Tit for Tat

In today's New York Post, Pulse section there is an entire story on the rise of socialite, Tinsley Mortimer. She is cute, I will give her that. Stylish, no. Does she wear all the right labels? Yes, if you are a socialite, she has the right recipe: a cup of Oscar, a cup of Carolina, a dash of Peter Som and a sprinkle of Zac. Where is the edge? Who is she uncovering ? Why doesn't this socialite use her power to uncover some great new designers. A word of advice Tinsley, if you wear new upcoming designers, then you will be noticed even more as the doyenne of the fashion world by uncovering some new chic designer. Keep getting snapped though, we love looking at your pic. However, I would like to see you in something other than Oscar and the usual socialite gear.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Orlando is home of the HO. Not really! I just like to call it that to amuse myself and others as I visit this cosmopolitan home of Mickey and Minnie once a month to file my "Daily Buzz" reports on the latest in fashion and style. Today, I reported on this seasons best outerwear trends for under $200.00 .......brrrrr...because I am so cold. Cold and in Florida wearing a Calvin Klein black rex fur coat with my Nike Shox. Love the Shoxs. These are special Latin American Shox that I purchased in the Multi-Plaza in San Jose, Costa Rica. They are purple and silver, a far cry from the red shoes Minnie wears. This brings me to my next segment, "Red is the new Black." Not really, but in terms of accessories and accents, red is "Super Chic" as the French would say and "Uber Chic" as the Germans would say. The bloody Brits love this place called OrlandHo. To illustrate, I just got hit in the face by a stuffed Shamu flying through the air thrown by a little British bloke with an Manchester United jersey on. Go Man United..... My favorite football club... and thanks to Jamie for taking me to the match. So sorry the they lost Beck's to Real Madrid. Red is the color of Manchester United's jersey.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Fashion Streped

You guessed it !! I have strep throat. Where did I get this ? Well I called my new 27 year old boy toy( who just happened to graduate from Columbia Law School) and asked him if he felt sick at all. He said no, but getter better soon so we can go out again. I hope I get better soon because there is a brand new very sexy DVF dress in my closet that wants to go out with my Miu miu boots. Props to Whitest Girl and Belle du Jour. If you can do it, I can too.